Urgent sale

Mini-hotel & spa resort • VIP • Commercial real estate 1,700 m²
• Vnukovo International Airport, Moscow — 3 km
• Starting price 61,000,000 roubles
The property will be sold
on 13 December 2019 to the highest bidder
5 minutes
Vnukovo International Airport, 3 km
15 minutes
Filatov Lug Metro Station
35 minutes
Moscow City International Business Centre
45 minutes
Centre of Moscow

VIP complex comprising mini-hotel and spa resort
This stunning VIP complex comprising a mini-hotel and spa resort is for sale in the Novomoskovsky area of Moscow. The total area is 1,700 m2.

The hotel is fully functional and renovated to a high standard using top quality materials and comfortable luxury furniture. The complex is situated within a residential area close to Moscow's largest aviation hub. The distance to Vnukovo International Airport is under 3 km. There is a direct exit onto the M-3 "Ukraina" motorway. The mini-hotel is equipped with 9 luxury-class hotel rooms. Guests have access to comfortable furniture, satellite television, wardrobe, desk and Wi-Fi as well as the jacuzzi, spa and sauna complex.

Sale of the complex will take place using a sale agreement in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation.

Urgent sale
Elite real estate next to Vnukovo Airport, Moscow, Russia
Open house dates
10th and 12th December 2019
Starting price
₽ 61,000,000
Bid increase amount
Not used
Property address
Moscow, Kievskoe shosse, Meshkovo, 4A
Total area
1 700 m²
Real estate complex
Overall area of 1,700m2 comprises a main building of 1,500m2 and an additional garage building. The property is equipped with a mini-hotel, sauna club and spa, restaurant and utility spaces. The land plot for the complex includes 0.15 hectares as part of the property.
The hotel rooms include comfortable options suitable for any taste. The hotel's rating on www.booking.com is 9.2.
Sauna club & spa
Russian wood-fired sauna, Turkish baths, 15-metre heated and insulated swimming pool, hydromassage seawater spa pool, cold pool and areas for rest and relaxation.
Utility spaces
Separate staff area as well as areas for washing, ironing, drying, storage, service, area for video equipment, security staff area and changing rooms.
Playroom for children
Floors: 3 floors + attic + basement
Luxury class sauna and spa complex. Hotel room categories: Luxury and premium class. 9 rooms.
Mini hotel
Floors: 3 floors + attic + basement
Luxury class sauna and spa complex.

Hotel rooms
Hotel room categories: Luxury and premium class. 9 rooms.

Hotel rooms are provided with: Wardrobes, beds, curtains, dressing tables, audio system, bathroom with Jacuzzi and refrigerators.
Sauna club & spa
Wood-fired Russian sauna, Turkish baths, washroom. Three massage rooms - restoration and relaxation (general massage, neck massage, herbal massage, oil massage, hot stone massage, head massage), relaxation room, cedar phytobarrel. Hydromassage spa pool with hot seawater for up to 9 people with a panoramic view onto an open fire, insulated swimming pool (15 metres long, 4 metres wide, 2 metres deep.) Cold pool with spring water from an artesian well 120 metres underground and a temperature of 2−5°С.
Restaurant with veranda and bar. Spacious communal area with high-end sound system, karaoke and barbeque.
Land lot
Area of 0.15 hectares (property). Land registry number: 77:01:1 024:3. Land category: Land for residential use. Planning permission use: Personal subsidiary plot registered in Moscow.
There is a convenient garage for 5 vehicles and parking for guests and staff.
Removable property
The lot also includes 2,109 items of property.
Attractive investment factors
These factors characterise the complex as a property with excellent attributes for investors.
Through purchase of this property the owner will acquire a unique building complex in the Novomoskovskiy region of Moscow together with a land plot that can be used as a hotel or mini-hotel, spa and wellness centre, entertainment and bookmaker's club, private residence or other business idea.
— Excellent proximity to Russia's largest aviation hub: The Vnukovo-3 terminal serving international and domestic flights;

— The Vnukovo-3 aviation and business centre;

— Excellent transport accessibility;

— High rental values and active demand for commercial and residential real estate in the given location;

— Excellent contemporary furnishing for the complex, as well as all the equipment required for hospitality - the complex is ready to accept both hotel and spa guests or be used as a private residence.

Bidding will begin in
Floor plan
Building plan
and surroundings
The complex is situated within the territory of Moscow. In direct proximity: Vnukovo International Airport, Vnukovo-3 aviation and business centre, time to nearest metro station - 15 minutes.
Moscow, Kievskoe Shosse, Meshkovo, 4A

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